BatKings was originally created by three young men who love baseball! Like other baseball lovers, Will, Cade, and Coker started off each season checking out the latest equipment and drooling over the newest bats. Their parents sat dismayed by the fact that the bats they were buying for hundreds of dollars were only being used for a season before the boys wanted to retire them. All of the boys and their parents had thought, at one time or another, about donating their bats to other organizations. And finally, one day, someone said it out loud and BatKings was born! 


The three founding BatKings friends no longer play baseball together as each have grown up and picked up different activities but BatKings remains a charitable focus for Cade. In the past few years, Batkings has donated thousands of pieces of sports equipment throughout the US as well as in Cuba.  BatKings, also can boast a previous  partnership with the Atlanta Braves organization, in collecting donations of new and gently used sporting equipment of all types to donate to Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos orphanage in the Dominican Republic. BatKings has made donations to the Alamo Heights Little League, the San Antonio YMCA and Boysville.


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